Susan is an innately organized individual who finds joy in helping others. For the last two years, Susan has established a growing business as a Professional Organizer.  Her passion translates into her work effortlessly, as she is recognized by her clients for her ability to organize and declutter a space that reflects each individual’s needs. Bringing Susan into your space goes far beyond organizing, as she makes it a priority also to educate her clients on best practices to create spaces that flow and bring peace. 

She offers various services, including decluttering, closet organization, small space optimization, room changes, and creating routines. Her goal is to create a space that can be easily maintained, allowing her clients to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Her ability to optimize all types of spaces through her straightforward approach is evident through her constant word of mouth referrals from happy clients. From overwhelmed moms to busy college students, Susan’s clientele continues to grow.

Susan offers various membership options to meet the demands and varying schedules of her clients. Members receive priority scheduling and access to Susan for emergencies and advice.

Creating the right place for everything in your home

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